The funny thing about…

Hair Dryers is that they seem inspired by GUNS!

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Do hair dryers damage hair?

When one of my friends wanted to buy a hair dryer, some other friends offered her their own in brand new condition. It turns out not many of my friends use hair dryers on a daily basis. The reason? Hair dryers are known to harm hair texture. Check out from experts.

Perhaps good quality and high technology hair dryers do not harm hair much. Check these hair dryers that claim to add shine and volume to silky, thin, smooth hair. A general rule is that the hair dryer should have flexible speed settings so that you can control the air flow and not allow your hair get overheated. A hair dryer with nozzle attachments that can distribute heat evenly over a large area of hair is best.

On the other hand, you may be using the hair dryer the wrong way. Find out how to blow dry your hair without damaging it.

After looking at her budget and her hair type, this was the hair dryer I chose for my friend:

Philips Blazon HP8120

Travel-Friendly  Hair Dryers?

Do you need these travel-friendly hair dryers? To me, this sounds like unnecessary baggage since most hotels provide a hair dryer in the bathrooms or allow you to request one for free from their housekeeping. However, they might not have the same quality as yours.

If you are too worried about hair damage, it might be better to use hair dryers only for occasional use such as parties.

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