The GuestThe Guest by Suneetha Balakrishnan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The synopsis indicated a woman’s mag kind or a story and I run miles away from anything that deals with the trials and tribulations of holy matrimony. I was therefore pleasantly surprised to find that the story was really about one of my favorite topics – transforming people. From my POV, marriage was only a medium for the two intelligent women in the tale to attempt and change a seemingly simple straight-forward ‘no-problem’ man. Such men are not hard to find. They appear easy-to-manage in workplaces, make trust-worthy, faithful friends. The exasperation starts only when you live with them.

Here was help for wives and mothers of men like Sameer I thought. The story did bring the hope that Sameer will be transformed through love and logic. It also brought an awareness and understanding of the problem. (May the Sameers who read the story know thy-selves.) However the help was not so imminent. The potential of the story was not fully explored. If not the complete transformation through more drastic situations, the story called for a better start by addressing the underlying fear of uncomfortable situations through a more expanded POV of Sameer. However, like most real-life wives and mothers not much attempt was made. Ultimately, it was someone else, who made Sameer see things.

I would read the author again for more such interesting situations and the depth of bonds and characters but in the hope that she’ll give her stories the length they deserve.

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