Ironical, isn’t it? That until you die you never really know that part of you which is fearless, intelligent, Godly and loving. In short, most of us really don’t know the reality of our soul or God until we die.

Most don’t but some do. Like Anita Moorjani who had the Most Miraculous Medically Recorded Recovery from Cancer. She also had a near death experience while about to die from cancer. Her interview provides insight to people in coma and to NDE experiences.

Some of the things she said in the video:

“I saw with clarity all the things I did in my life that led to my cancer.”

“I knew I should go back (to my sick and deteriorated physical body) because my soul was now healed and once the soul is healed, the body would heal itself.”

“Love yourself first and then you’ll love everyone else.”

“Heaven is not really what we think it is. When I describe the place I was at, people say, ‘Oh but that’s not heaven.'”

“Be yourself. Don’t be a people-pleaser.”

“The body is the last place where all your emotional wounds manifest.”

Death is not to be feared after all. And if you fear sickness and pain rather than death, then heal your soul first, body will follow.

Dying to be Me is a book written by Anita Moorjani based on her experiences.

P.S: A sure sign of an irrational person is to comment without watching the video 🙂