Or Forever Hold Your PeaceOr Forever Hold Your Peace by Donna Abraham
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The book reveals an interesting aspect of arranged marriages – the saga almost read like treading a minefield, you don’t know which of your steps or statements will explode the ground beneath you. At the same time, the book didn’t make me blame the syrio-Christian rituals or arranged marriage in general. Most of the described practices seem well-intended, but you aren’t prepared for the fears and awkwardness this triggers. The book provoked me to think more on the topic. First, that it’s the people involved who can make or break even the most well-intended of traditions or systems. Second the expectations set by modernity have further complicated this uneasy business. It seems couples expect chemistry to work right at the first arranged meeting. If there is instant chemistry between them, everything is forgiven. If not, there are judgements at every word you speak. But then, can we expect chemistry in a controlled environment to be real or even possible?

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