Though most people react positively and with a sense of wonder when they hear about my meditation experiences, there are a few who have ‘scientific’ explanations to offer. Their explanations are more or less one of the below:

1. This could all be your imagination.

2. You might have hypnotized yourself.

3. It is one of your brain’s tricks. After all, very little is known about brain. Who knows what part of the brain you activated?

4. Mind is very powerful.

5. You are getting brain-washed.

6. It is all about alpha, theta, beta, delta…

Okay. So let me be open-minded about it and see how each of these explain my meditation experiences.

1. Imagination – There are some words in this world that have been so over-used that nobody actually thinks while using them. Imagination is one such word.

“Oh it must be her imagination” – finito!

Their level of thinking stops at the level of this word. If it were so simple to imagine, why don’t we all imagine ourselves to be rich, young, beautiful, free of diseases and be merry? Why don’t the singletons imagine themselves to be married and married ones imagine themselves to be bachelor boys and girls and lo! vanquish half the world’s stress in one big sweep?

As far as my imaginations are concerned, I imagine the worst more than the best, especially when my near and dear ones are late at reaching home. So my imaginations are strictly triggered by fear 🙂 except when I fantasise 😉

I think people imagine what they are already acquainted to – scenes from somebody’s life or something they read in the newspapers, books or movies applied to themselves. Nobody imagines what they have never seen, thought or heard of. I had never seen or felt anything like the third-eye or the chakras opening before, so I didn’t imagine any of these – simple.

The meditation that I practise clearly instructs me not to make things up, imagine, or visualize. Check it out yourself at A meditation for you.

And to ‘imagine’ the same feelings of rotating chakras day in and day out for every day of your life! how logical is that?

2. Self-hypnosis – this sounds more scientific than imagination but still is similar to it. It is again one of those ‘self-explanatory’ words but let us use our intelligence and analyse this. By definition, self-hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of mind which can be defined as a heightened state of focused concentration (trance), with the willingness to follow instructions (suggestibility).

Again were it so easy, why don’t we all hypnotize ourselves by instructions that suggest we are the richest, most beautiful people in this world and live happily ever after? The truth, my dear, is we aren’t so gullible.

I am certainly willing to partially believe in self-hypnosis, however, since the instructions do take you to a trance like state when followed correctly.

But the instructions did not suggest anything else that I saw or felt! It did not suggest the feeling Kundalini generated as it penetrated through my nerves to the top of my head. It did not suggest the healing hand that I felt brushing from inside my ribs clicking the bones back to their place when I had severe cervical spondilytis, for example.

All it suggested was to relax my body.

So I chuck this hypothesis out too. Or at the most believe that whatever things happened without suggestions by the meditation were real.

3. Brain – The logic given here is since we don’t much know about brain yet except that it is a very powerful and complex organ, it must be all brain’s doing. Wow!?! How scientific indeed! Should I wait for science to learn all about brain before I figure out what’s happening to me?

Some say that science will discover the truth eventually. What if it never does? Meanwhile, why shouldn’t we find answers from sources other than science if their answers accurately match up to our experience unexplained by science? On top, these ‘unscientific’ sources also explain how we can make the most of all the things that science hasn’t discovered yet. So why should we deprive ourselves of these benefits until, and if, science discovers these?

4. Mind –  If I have to believe that all that I experienced was the doing of a powerful mind, what’s the scientific proof? I think it is same as saying that it was the brain, or imagination or self-hypnosis. What is mind really? I think mind is explained better in terms of soul and spirituality than science. But mind, in my knowledge, is only part of spirituality. It is not the main components of spirituality, which are spirit and soul.

5. Brain-washed – yeah, yeah worth considering…since this shrew can’t be tamed in any other way 😀

6. Alpha, beta, theta, delta…-  cool scientific terms. I am told that when we were in our mother’s womb our mind was at the delta stage, as infants our mind is at theta stage, before 6 we are at alpha stage, and after 6 beta. Meditation takes our mind back to alpha stage. Putting meditation in these terms might convince some people, but I am sticking with good old-fashioned spirit and soul explanations 🙂 and for good reason.

I am all for science but some scientific people tend to be atheists as well and they are no different from religious bigots in their thinking.

Religious bigots go literally by the text they read from their religious books and atheists go only by the scientific conclusions they read.

Both are rigid in their beliefs and their mind is not open to the grey areas like love, compassion at all.

Both science and religion have evil and good followers. If science gave us bombs, religion gave us terrorists who use these bombs. If science helped us get rid of diseases, spirituality relieved us of stress and pain. And on and on.

So there! if you can believe in science even after bombs, guns, pollution, unhealthy lifestyle etc., you can believe in god even after fake gurus and terrorists 🙂

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