As I mentioned in a previous blog

prior to actual meditation, I had thought meditation was merely a stress-relieving exercise. But then the funny thing happened – An eye resembling a new-born baby’s eye opened before my closed eyes and I began to see the world through new eyes 🙂

From then on things moved as if pre-ordained, or maybe some new things became more relevant to me and so I started registering them more. In fact, I even began to think that my whole life was set up to discover this world of meditation, it became the reason why I had to struggle sometimes, make some sacrifices and lead a life that led to this revelation.

Without any great expectations or further research, I continued meditating using my audio file explained at:, the main motivation being curiosity and relief from certain pains and aches.

Chakra Activation

One by one my chakras began to get activated. My first four chakras were activated in the first month of meditation itself. Again, my ignorant self, low on theoretical knowledge, did not recognize they were chakras until I described the first one to SS. I said that I could feel something rotating at high speed in my belly and SS said – that means one of your chakras got activated. Till then I didn’t even know that this meditation could do that – being a ‘foreign’ one with a Chinese/Mongolian instructor!

That led me to my research on chakras and found that most yoga meditations prescribe a sequence to the activation of chakras. According to them there are seven chakras, which is true per my experience, and the first one to be activated is Mooladhara, situated below the sacrum bone. Thereafter, there is Swadisthana, Nabhi (Manipura), Heart (Anahata), Vishuddhi, Agnya, and lastly Sahasrara.

Each of these chakras is a storehouse of energy for the gross plexuses supplying the physical, mental and emotional demands of the sympathetic nervous system. For instance, if the Swadisthan chakra looks after the abdominal organs (matters of the physical body), it also supplies energy to creative action and thought and depth to the aesthetic sensibility (matters of the soul). (I have provided more examples in a previous blog:

At the root of this chakra system lies a creative, protective, and nurturing power called the Kundalini. When this power is awakened within us, it rises spontaneously through the spinal column, passes through each of the chakras and emits from the fontanelle bone area on top of the head.

Before awakening the Kundalini, the energy in the chakras is limited and exhaustible, as in a battery. After realization, they are connected by Kundalini passing through the Sushumma (middle channel in the figure below) to the infinite current of the universal superconscious, to the all-pervading power of divine love.

Though most sites suggested that Kundalini travelled bottom to top penetrating and activating the chakras on the way, my chakras got activated in a more haphazard way. I did not feel the first two chakras at all and jumped to Heart, then Nabhi, then Agnya, then Vishuddhi and lastly Sahasrara. Now I realize that this happened because some chakras of mine were imbalanced or blocked and therefore the Kundalini took a different route from the middle Sushumma, most probably the left channel shown in the figure below, whenever it found a blocked chakra.

However, I can activate all my chakras including the first two chakras at will whenever I feel like it. This indicates that you can balance/open your imbalanced/closed chakras. (One of my previous blogs handles this topic on balancing chakras somewhat:, although I learnt much more after that blog)

Healing Illnesses

So whenever I have a back pain, I run the Mooladhara chakra and get instant relief.

When I have a stiff neck, I run the Heart chakra. For sore throats and pain in ears and teeth, I run the Vishuddi chakra. A strong Vishuddi chakra almost feels like a vacuum cleaner cleaning the cobwebs from the walls of my throat 🙂

During migraine headaches, I run the Agnya (third-eye) Chakra.

When the Sahasrara chakra is active, I feel as if my head is under a cool constantly flowing fountain. Unlike other chakras, this chakra is most active in the lap of nature, at a genuinely holy place, when in a group of close friends, or while discussing matters of intellect or intelligence. When my Sahasrara chakra is active, I feel very confident as if I am invincible, protected from diseases or man-made attacks. However, to keep this chakra open, I have to continually meditate, take my walks in the nearby forest area, connect with friends, and pursue matters of soul.

Chakras give only temporary relief or no relief at all from some illnesses. Such as when I had an indigestion problem after eating some heavy oily food (cooked by SS), I meditated twice but the pain came back within 10 minutes of the meditation. This led me to conclude that illnesses created purely by external agencies and that can be cured by only external agencies cannot be cured by meditation alone.

On the other hand, illnesses that cannot be cured by medicines are a good indication of what can be cured by meditation. For example, a manager who I know was not able to reduce his sugar level despite regular medication and exercises brought it under control after attending one meditation course of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. A wife of a family friend cured her ulcer through a meditation by the same guru.

Similarly, illnesses caused by a combination of stress, previous actions, bad habits have to be countered by a combination of meditation, medicine or counter-action, and lifestyle/habit change.

Stay tuned for more articles on my continuing experience and research based on experience of god, soul, and Kundalini…

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