With all due respect to the Gods and Demons who put the story’s idea into my brain, The Ray Synchronicity actually started as a series of blogs. I even have a draft in Sulekha.com to prove that. And sometimes I wish I had stuck to that – considering the compromises I made with my own health and family time. No doubt, there are things like joy of writing but once you have finished writing the book, there is the pain of shameless marketing and getting it to as many people as you can, to make the above compromises worthwhile :p

But each idea comes with its own fate. It may end up as a blog, a novel, a novella, a short story, or a tweet 🙂 A friend currently reading the book commented that the story had the scope and potential of The Lord of Rings saga. So you know how stunted it would have been as a series of blogs.

In this case, I began to think how well this story would fit in a Sci-Fi genre. And I hated Sci-fi. So lesson # one – to turn things you hate into love, find its purpose in your life 🙂 Soon I was watching and reading the fiction of aliens and spaceships.

Around that time, a publisher hosted a Sci-Fi novella contest. Now that made me sit up and see a chance for my idea. I jumped into the synopsis and sample chapter round. A month later I was one of the three winners short listed by the contest in the first round. Now round no. two involved the complete manuscript.

Here again fate intervened in the form of Rasana Atreya, India’s most successful self-published writer. She has most readers in US and Europe and much less in India. But successful she is in any case. Amazon held a talk by her in Delhi and I attended it. Needless to say, I was sold to the idea of self-publishing.

The publisher at the same time gave a time-frame and the novella word-limit, both of which threatened to dwarf the story that just grew in leaps and bounds. To its credit the publisher does publish best sellers and chooses only original manuscripts.

The net result was that I abandoned the traditional publishing bandwagon and jumped on to the self-publishing one.

Besides these events, there were many more coincidences that happened along the twists and turns in the story. Jonathan Odell puts it best:

“When I’ve backed myself into a plot corner and can see no way out, or a character just won’t believably do what I insist that he do, I become not only tense, but distraught, believing the elements I’ve put into place will never coalesce into a story. I’m doomed. I brood and sulk and tell myself I might as well quit. Or devise some flimsy band-aid of a solution or bring in a deus ex machina to save the story. And then after sufficient brooding and sulking (time plus pressure plus heat) a solution pops out of nowhere that I had never considered. Usually when I’m jogging or in the shower or driving my car. The solution is elegant, surprising, totally believable. Organic. It’s a solution I couldn’t have logically thought myself to. In the book, it becomes one of those wonderful moments that delights the reader, who swears, “I didn’t see that coming, but it makes perfect sense.””

And now the book is out in the open and the synchronicity is no longer in my hands (and mind) alone. Let’s see how it fares.

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