Instructions for best use of this meditation video

Download the video in the link and convert it to MPEG and upload it to your mobile or any listening device that you can plug your headset into.
Then follow the instructions with the headset on. Instructions for downloading and converting youtube video is there on the net. The below is one such instructional page written by a friend’s son, who also does this meditation.

Frequency of meditation

Daily or as much as possible. At the minimum, I do this meditation five times a week. Sometimes, when I have a pain such as a stiff neck or some indication that one of the chakras are weak, I do this meditation two or three times a day focussing on the particular chakra for the area.

Attitude for Meditating

My approach to this meditation was that of curiosity and nothing else, neither of expectation nor of skeptism. I lead a happy life, no complaints or regrets. Unless I have a pain from exhaustion, I go into meditation with thoughts about my office activitiy or movies or articles I have read. I have no great ambitions so there were no motives for the meditation unless you count the fear of death, tragedies, loss of near ones in future, and old age health problems.

Amazing things happened as I just relaxed my body by following the instructions and practiced the meditation regularly. My knowledge increased as I researched to understand what I experienced and slowly I found ways for making the best use of the meditation. I’ll blog about my amazing experiences some other day.

Keep in mind that this isn’t about reading minds, nor seeing how people think, nor seeing the future etc. You are seeing a pattern. From the pattern you can deduce many things. You are seeing connections and how it might come together.

Relax and have patience. Over time you will learn how to expand upon the patterns you connect to.

Don’t try to force understanding or expect a vision.

Just relax and see and learn what the patterns lead into instead.

If you do this, it will be a fun and amazing path. If you stress out, force it, try to make it more before you grow into it… it will only leave you mad and on a street corner screaming about delusions.

Why this meditation works for me:

This meditation works for me because it is simple and easy enough for me. I can’t sit on floors without resting my back for a long time, so meditations that involve sitting upright are not for me. However lying down can bring on sleep to the beginners. This may or may not go with more practice. If the meditation or the posture of the meditation does not work for you, switch to another.

Origin of this meditation

This meditation seems to be Buddhist and the instructor Chinese, Japanese, or Korean. Third-eye meditations are also taught by Tao masters. The energy centres mentioned by the instructor here correspond to chakras in Yoga meditations. Some of my friends who practiced this meditation were not successful because they paid too much attention to trivial things like the repetition of instructions, the accent of the instructor and so on. I am not irritated by these things, keeping myself restricted to the essence irrespective of the religion or region, style or accent. For me this meditation is a universal spiritual exercise.


You might feel a little sad or anxious when the chakra or energy centre at your heart activiates. This is usually because of negative energy release. Once your negative energy is released, you will feel free to be happy at little things in life.

Give it a try and let me know your experiences. If you have questions regarding the technique, feel free to ask me.