SS often researches the net for health related articles but I never thought his research would graduate to the realm of spirituality one day. There was a time when SS would resist discussing anything remotely related to philosophy. For him philosophy, alternate universe etc., were the subject for the loonies. See this is what happens when you get married. Nowhere else can you observe and study the slow but drastic change of thinking in another adult. And nobody else can subtly influence you as your spouse. Those of you who are secretly disappointed at my tilt towards meditation blogs (as I imagine some to be) can blame it squarely on SS.

After poring his pretty head over the youtube some days for what I thought were piano lessons, he locked himself in a room with strict do-not-disturb instructions to us. Forty minutes later he emerged with a smile on his face and stars in his eyes, waxing eloquence: “what a great feeling…the quickest 45 minutes of my life…time just flew by!”

Next thing he did was copy an audio file to my mobile and ask me to practice this easy meditation that he had found. He gave me no further details.

(I had posted the meditation in one of my previous blogs:

My curiosity was piqued. Like the average educated person, I did expect some results from meditating. I already knew it would give me a good feeling as was obvious from hubsy’s practically glowing contenance. Then I expected peace and low stress that comes from controlling thoughts. And nothing more.

Yes the title did suggest third-eye awakening and I thought the third eye was metaphorical or symbolic to something like sixth sense. My notions of third eye was that it entirely belonged to Lord Shiva, who when angered burnt people to cinders. Of course, I didn’t think it existed in mere mortals.

So imagine how I felt when after less than one week of meditation, I saw this innocent looking single eye slowly blinking as if it had just woken up from a long blissful sleep. It was a beautiful eye perfect right down to the eyelashes. There was no expression of surprise, anger, joy or sorrow in that eye, just purity and innocence.

To be honest I wasn’t very surprised to see the third eye, which is amazing in itself. I was too busy noting its details and was afraid that it will slip away any moment. It did disappear after a few seconds blurring away into the small shining dust particles one sees floating when we close our eyes, significantly quite similar to the milky way.

I had forgotten all about it until SS told me that he had seen the third eye opening in his own meditation session. That confirmed my experience and I immediately described what I had seen. That’s when he said that if you register it so well in your memory then you’ll start expecting it every time you meditate and the third-eye will not reappear.

It is true that the third eye did not appear ever since but I don’t think it is because I expect it to appear. I think there is no reason for it to reappear. As some faiths believe (particularly the BrahmaKumaris and RadhaSwamis), the soul resides in the third-eye. Once the third-eye has opened allowing your physical self to connect to the soul, what reason is there for it to open again and again?

People think that opening the third eye implies you will start seeing visions and getting premonitions. This is partially true. If your life has enough drama, you may see visions related to it. Unfortunately or fortunately, my life has not faced much drama or trauma and just because my third-eye opened, I don’t expect life to drastically change to something more dramatic.

The only drastic change it did in me was turning me into a believer in god from an agnostic and this change came gradually over a few months. I became a believer in soul, began to consider god as a possibilty and look at the reincarnation theory with new eyes (now that I have a new eye 🙂

As regards premonitions, I did have a few additional ones from the usual. I already had a good intuition even before I started meditation about routine things like finding lost things, about movie endings etc.,. These kind of predictions have been a consistent feature in my life since childhood and I had written some blogs on Sulekha about these years ago.

For example, on reading the first movie review of ‘The Sixth Sense’ around 12 years back I had predicted that Bruce Willis played a dead man in the movie. Similarly, by reading the first review of ‘Kahani’ which started with ‘..a heavily pregnant Vidya balan…’ I immediately sensed that Vidya will turn out not to be pregnant by the end of the movie. Now you might think that all this is very trivial but then as I said movies seem to be the only source of serious drama in my life 😉

After meditation, I began to have more frequent premonitions but again of the ‘undramatic’ kind – usually related to other people and things over which I have no control. For example, there was this neighbor’s expensive bike rarely used and always placed in a most inconvenient manner at the entrance to the building. Other people had complained to the owners about moving it to some other location but of no avail. One day exasperated at the bike because of some heavy luggage with me, I said aloud to my daughter that this bike is going to be stolen soon. That very night the bike got stolen. Don’t tell me that I could have prevented this because even I don’t have enough confidence in my intuitions to have alerted my neighbors.

When the Nirbhaya case was making news, there were some reports after her death about revealing her real name. When I was thinking about this, the name ‘Jyoti’ came to my mind. And indeed her real name did turn out to be Jyoti.

At the same time, there have been a couple of occassions in which premonitions would have come truly useful like the time we missed our flight to Bangalore. Had I some premonition that SS had read the departure time incorrectly, I would have taken some precautions to prevent missing the flight. We had plenty of time to make it at the right time of the flight and all I needed to do was take one peek at the departure time rather than trusting SS.

I thought about this strange non-performance of premonitions at the time when they are really required. And I came to the conclusion that:

You will NEVER get premonitions about things you can change, because if you chould change one, it is NO LONGER a premonition 🙂

In other words, you CANNOT change your destiny or fate.

(Stay tuned for my meditation experiences about things that can really help 🙂